This week we’ve got a long distance dedication edition of 10 Tracks on tap as we check in with Dan Coogan during his gravel transcontinental ride.  Dan is currently riding from Fort Collins to North Carolina as a way to process the recent loss of his wife, Cyd Coogan. Cyd passed away due to Parkinson’s related complications this past September. He’s currently riding his ti Salsa Fargo on the gravel roads of the great state of Ohio. You can learn more about his ride, his wife Cyd and listen to his 10 Tracks below.

For years I’ve dreamed of a route across the US on mostly gravel roads. A couple of years ago I started mapping out and riding sections. After getting hit by a car in 2011 that was doing 65 mph, I realized that what I really wanted was a route that I could ride without getting killed. Because most of the east coast is paved, I’ve changed the criteria to narrow roads that make it natural for a bicyclist to take the whole lane. Before my wife Cyd passed away in September she encouraged me to get out and ride the route. We rode our tandem cross country in 1992 for our honeymoon so I was no stranger to long-distance touring. The bike has always been my therapy and has proven the best way for me to process the grief of losing my riding partner for the last 30 years. You can follow along on my journey at bikewithdan on IG or Facebook. 




Cynthia “Cyd” Coogan
Fort Collins – Cynthia (Cyd) Coogan
Born October 26, 1956-September 14, 2020

Cyd passed away due to Parkinson’s related complications in Fort Collins, CO at 63 years old. The love of her life, husband Dan, was at her side along with family and friends. In addition to her husband Dan she has three siblings Jan, Lynne Tom, her mother Joan plus several wonderful nieces and nephews.

Cyd loved to travel and lived in three countries and 20 places in the US. Her home in Fort Collins was her all time favorite by far. She attended college in Copenhagen for a year and lived in Togo as a Peace Corp Volunteer for 2 years. She was an early eco warrior who picked up trash as a kid in her local park in Westlake, OH. She was a Vegan for 40 years driven by a desire for a better world and personal health. Copenhagen opened her eyes to design and transportation issues. She got her Masters in Architecture when she was 40 from the University of Oregon. She pushed the grocery chain Albertsons to install bike racks in all their stores. She loved volunteering with seniors and the Poudre Library.

Cyd was a water-lover and favorite vacations were beach-related. She travelled the world in search of the perfect sandy spot. She was artistic and creative and had a unique sense of style. Cyd was an early feminist and Coogan was her last name, her husband Dan took her last name.

She would like to thank her family, especially my husband, Dan, for your unwavering love, tenacity and patience. I truly don’t know what I would do without you. In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions can be made to to continue her vision of creating a vibrant livable community.”