Photo by JMV Digital Photo/Design. @jmvdigital_photo

On July 13th, 2016 longtime Fort Collins resident, rider, wrench, web developer and YGR contributor, Des Yap dropped his first gear review on his YouTube channel, DesFit. Since then his review of the Outvi Possm tool roll has had 44,590 views. Four years later, TO THE DAY (I love when this kinda thing happens) his channel cleared the 75k subscribers milestone.

“I created the Outvi Possm review in July of 2016 just because I was so stoked on the product and wanted to share how great it was. I had no intentions on becoming a serious content creator when I made that video.

About a year later I decided to give it a serious go. At that time I had about 500 subscribers. By the end of 2017, the channel had accumulated 7,000 subscribers.”

I thought it would be cool to check in with Des to see what he’s got spinning on his iPod shuffle. His playlist is below.

Favorite Bike: 2020 Santa Cruz Tallboy CC
Favorite Trail: Boneyard + Pool and Ice – Eagle, CO
Employer Title: Assistant to the Assistant Custodian at DesFit
When do you listen to these? Pretty much all the time.