Even though YGR focuses mostly on Northern Colorado Cycling, we do make exceptions for our neighbors to the North in Laramie and Cheyenne. They reluctantly let us Coloradoans use their trails, so it’s the least we can do. This week’s DJ is Heidi Gurov an equal opportunity cyclist (rides all the bikes) from Cheyenne. Heidi has been busy fighting COVID19 as a Nurse Consultant with the Wyoming Department of Health, Immunization Unit (thanks for that, Heidi). She races mtb, cross, gravel and road for Square1 Cycling. If you haven’t had a chance to check out her Wyo/Colo gravel and mtb calendars yet, you should fire up her playlist and head over to https://heidiridesbikes.com/ to give it a look-see.

When do you listen to these? On the trainer. Some are FTP and hard interval music, others are just in heavy rotation. I don’t listen to music riding outdoors. No one wants to hear me singing along to Reba.
Favorite bike? My single-speed Crux or my Epic. Don’t tell the other 7 bikes I have favorites.
Favorite Ride: Casper Mountain on the mountain bike, Snowy Range on the road bike, and I have a secret stash of gravel goodness around Laramie. Usually anything that involves some dirt.