We want to send out a huge congrats to local rider, Jason Curtis of Fort Collins Police Services. Jason recently took over as Sargent of the Fort Collins Police Services Bike Unit and he’s our DJ this week on 10 Tracks. Jason has been an active member of the Fort Collins cycling scene for years both in mtb baggies and in uniform. Many of you may remember he rode with us as an official FTCPD escort during the Ride of Silence. He also gave Nate Taggatz a set of lights rather than a ticket after a training ride went late and he got caught out in questionable lighting. Originally from Lawrence Kansas, Jason has been in Fort Collins for 16 years. 

Favorite Ride? HTMP. Suffer on Towers to enjoy the ride down.

Favorite Bike? Ibis Mojo3, followed closely by a Guerrilla Gravity Pedalhead. 2020 was supposed to be a new bike year but those plans got coronavirused. I also have a Giant Revolt Advanced 0 that is surprisingly fun.

When do you listen to these? All the time. Music is a constant. I am definitely guilty of listening while riding, although I mostly listen to podcasts while riding (low volume AirPods Pros with transparency mode).

Preferred Style of riding? Mountain. Gnarly trails by myself. Just me and the bike and the trail. I started as a road racer as a kid but rarely ride the road anymore. I’ve started to dabble with gravel but I grew up in Kansas and rode many, many thousands of miles on gravel roads, back when we just called it riding.