Jeremy Norris is one of the few dirt monkeys willing and able to take on the roadies at Wednesday Night Worlds and he’s our 10 Tracks DJ for this week. Jeremy came to us from Estes Park, via the Boulder Bubble, and has been in the Fort for the past two and a half years. He’s a cycling coachpublished poet, and head dishwasher at HART among other things.

When do you listen to these? I’m lazy. These among others are on shuffle for all occasions. I just skip the ones that aren’t the vibe at the moment. Sometimes the heavy is what’s needed for a deep breath.
Favorite bike? Currently my 2019 Scott Spark World Cup. The perfect balance of fast-climbing machine and shreddy, steady send-mobile.
Favorite ride? Oof. Almost always either the one I just did, the one I’m currently doing or the one I’m about to do. Up there on the list are Estes-Grand Lake-Estes(road), Mag7 from town(Moab, mtb), The Whole Enchilada from town(Moab,mtb), a good wander around Deadman’s and stone quarry(Del Norte,mtb), Boulder-Estes via lefthand canyon(road), West Mag or Sourdough system wander from Boulder(all-terrain special). A good lake lap with some Horsetooth loops is always good too.
Preferred style of riding? Any day on a bicycle is a good day, but my favorite is definitely punchy, fast, techy MTB.
How do you take your coffee? All-time best is a nice pour-over, black. But a good espresso or French press comes close. Nothing added, let the coffee speak.