I proclaim today as Jonathan Day day here in the YGR Radio studio. It’ll probably come as a bit of a surprise to this week’s 10 Tracks DJ (or maybe he has always suspected it), he’s one of my favorite Fort Collins cyclists and after checking out his playlist, I like him even better. One of my favorite playlists ever. He’s one of the head cat herders over at Team Rio Grande Racing, he organizes the RioBase Mile and RioCovery rides and races the shit out of all the bikes. If it has two wheels and pedals, he’ll try to race it regardless of surface type. If you ask him how his race went you’ll get a witty, upbeat although self-deprecating reply followed by his wry smirk. Jonathan isn’t the fastest guy around but he’s also not the slowest and he seems pretty content with that. Originally from Newport, RI Jonathan moved to Fort Collins with his wife, JJ, 22 years ago and has eked out a niche for himself as a self-employed architect.  He’s good people, an undervalued asset to the community and has exceptional taste in music. 
When do you listen to these? I started cycling in the late 80’s when there were not a lot of options for mobile music (the Sony Walkman was a little bulky in the jersey pocket, and the Discman even worse), so maybe that’s why I never fully developed the habit of earbuds while riding. On some long solo rides I like the tunes, for sure, but usually it is wintertime roller rides in the garage or warming up before races on the trainer. Those times when one needs extra motivation and a good distraction. (YGR- the Sony Walkman Sport was sick and today I learned you can still get it on Ebay for the low, low price of $350.00.) 

What’s your favorite bike? I’ve accumulated a lot of bikes over the years (I’m sure you can relate). I like them all and they all get ridden to some degree, but if I had to pick a favorite I’d go with my Orbea Orca road bike. Just because it is my newest and fanciest ride. I really like my Niner RKT, too. It puts up with a lot of abuse, crashes and all around really bad skills on my part. It’s very patient.

What’s your favorite ride? I once rode the Rist Canyon – Stove Prairie – Masonville loop with someone from out of town. They were blown away by how amazing and beautiful it is. I occasionally need to remind myself how lucky we are to have that in our backyard. So that loop is definitely up there on the list. Also, the good old Horsetooth dams loop along the reservoir. Can’t be beat for a quick ride in a beautiful setting.
Preferred style of riding? I started out a road rider and I still am, but I’ve gone in all directions with bikes – mtb, cx, SS, gravel, bike packing, fixie, commuting – and I hope I always will. Except for those goofy TT bikes. Not that.