After a brief hiatus, YGR’s 10 Tracks is back. This week we’ve got Kelly Ulmer as our guest DJ. Kelly is a recent transplant from Florida and rides for the Follies/the Rio and as a Hagens Berman | Supermint ambassador. Kelly has had a great season on the road so far finishing on the SW4 podium 7 times.

Her 10 Tracks (actually 11) and her Hagens Berman | Supermint bio are below.

“Kelly Ulmer was first introduced to road cycling by her older brother during her freshman year at the University of Florida. Her bike quickly became a primary mode of transportation and a way to explore Gainesville’s swampy surroundings. After graduating with her specialist degree in mental health counseling in 2015 and starting her career as an eating disorder therapist, Kelly discovered a deeper passion for being on her bike as a form of self-care and time for reflection and adventure. Soon after completing her first century in 2017, Kelly caught the bug for ultra-distance cycling. Her longest ride to date was 250 miles, but she has hopes of completing a full super randonneur series this coming year. Kelly recently moved from Florida to Fort Collins, Colorado where she found an incredible cycling community that has intensified her love for the sport. Kelly currently rides with the Fort Follies, an all-inclusive women’s cycling club co-founded by a Hagens Berman | Supermint team member herself.

Favorite bike: Currently my Trek Domane, which was my first bike investment, but soon to likely be the KindHuman Kampionne that I’ll be building up in the next couple weeks!

Favorite ride: The dams out and back— and anything else that involves some climbing since that wasn’t a thing during my first 28 years of life living in the flat lands of Florida.

Employer/title: La Luna Center/Licensed Professional Counselor working with eating disorders

When do you listen to these? All the time. While riding outside but more so when trying to get my butt motivated on the trainer in the winter months.