We continue to get to know the Jones family via 10 Tracks this week with Kylie Jones. You probably remember we had hubs and wife crew Clint and Tenae on earlier this year and last week we had Kylie’s husband Colt showing us around his playlist.

Kylie has been an English Language Development Teacher for Poudre School District for the past eight years and runs Kylie Jones Photography on the side. She’s happiest on the old-school-cool Happy Jack trails where she first fell in love with mountain biking and racing the Laramie Mountain Bike Series. She’s getting into this whole gravel thing but still prefers to send it on an mtb going downhill. She’s a card-carrying member of the Fort Follies hit squad.

Favorite bike? I’m usually happy with whatever bike I currently have and, as my husband would say, if it weren’t for him I’d still be riding my first Cannondale hardtail. So right now, I’m fond of my Santa Cruz Highball. I was doubtful about 29ers but I think this bike is winning me over.

When do you listen to these? I tend to listen to music when I have a quiet moment to myself, while the kids are napping, cooking, or editing photos. I also love listening to music in the car on the way to a ride.