Who’s ready for a fresh YGR 10 Tracks episode? This week we’ve got Mark Currie coming’ at ya from the YGR Studios located here in the Choice City. Mark is the Brand Marketing and Sales Manager for Mosaic Cycles down in Bouldaire.

Favorite Bike – Well… it’s yet to be built, but I have a Mosaic GT-1 in the works which will undoubtedly be the coolest bike I’ve ever owned… by far. I also recently picked up a Revel Rascal and I’m absolutely loving it.

Favorite Ride – If we’re talking “local-ish”, it’s hard to beat mountain biking in Summit County. The Lenawee Trail descent off the top of A-Basin down into Montezuma is out of this world. On a gravel bike, some kind of Pennock Pass loop always goes down a treat.

When do I listen to these: Every song in this playlist has a bit of a backstory, and every time I hear each song, it brings up a super vivid memory that I’d love to re-live. For example, blasting Lonely East Texas Nights on the way to the start line of my first Land Run 100 (now Mid South Gravel)… My good friend and complete bike wizard Mitch Ropelato playing Someday Believers on repeat as we’re driving through Moab… My brother, and the rest of the boys on our loosely defined “team” 30 Speed Racing going mad every time Shine by Collective Soul comes on, etc. etc… They’re all special in a different kind of way.