Mary Taylor has been known to do an occasional cyclocross race here and there but her true passion lies with bikepacking. Most summer weekends she can be found sleeping on the side of a mountain or at the very least, thinking about sleeping on the side of a mountain.  Mary works as a Designer with Architect with Russell and Mills Studios, a local landscape architecture firm, to pay for all that fun stuff that goes along with camping in the woods. 
Keep an eye out for Mary’s feature about women’s bikepacking on YGR soon. 

Favorite Bike: Niner Sir 9 is my newest baby, but I have a big piece of my heart dedicated to my Surly Straggler. It has been on so many adventures with me!

Favorite Ride: Fraser, CO to Boulder, CO via Rollins Pass– Big climb, even more epic descent. Continental Divide views are amazing and passing over the Needle Eye Tunnel is crazy!

When do You listen to these: I don’t listen to music while I ride… but I might listen to these jams on the way to the trailhead or while I am getting ready to go ride. It’s either something like this or all LCD Soundsystem. I think my friends get annoyed by how much LCD we listen to in the car… but I love other dance-y music like funk and jazz.