Let’s start the week off with a new 10 Tracks playlist by our pal, Michael Ortega. Michael is one of the highest mileage working stiffs I know. He’s currently sitting at just over 8k miles for the year, mostly due to his 50+ mile-per-day bike commute from Wellington to Loveland and home again.  Originally from Del Rio, Texas Michael came to us via San Antonio and is celebrating his 15th year with Fastenal (Industrial Supply) in Loveland where he’s the general manager. Michael races as a master’s Cat 4 for Colorado Scheels Cycling. He consistently finishes in the 10 and even wins on occasion.

When do you listen to these?

Mostly on my afternoon commute home. By that time it’s warm and I’m ready to ride harder than in the morning when I tend to reflect more on the day to come and listen to audiobooks like Harry Potter, John Grisham, Michael Connelly, and Vince Flynn.

Favorite bike?

It seems so wrong to only have one fav… each has their place and all bring me joy when it’s their turn in the rotation! Trek Checkpoint, Emonda, Domane, Boone… I won’t choose!

Favorite ride?

Again, this really depends on the bike and who I’m with. Cameron Pass, Estes, South Padre Island shoreline (Corpus Christi, TX), the Black Hills, McDonald’s run w/ the Fam…

Preferred style of riding?

Gravel, road, and CX. I fell in love hard w/ gravel only a few years ago and have only raced CX one year but loved it! The road is fast, but it’s a mood thing for me.