Photo by Paul Kumm

As we wrap up our CSU Cycling past and current team president series, we take Michael Samelson’s 10 Tracks for a spin. Michael is the current co-president, working alongside Katie Paradis (Co-presidents? It must be like an episode of the Office over there.). Michael is working to be a Physical Therapist, he’s a senior in the Health and Exercise Science Department at CSU and works as a research assistant in the CSU Clinical Biomechanics Laboratory.

Favorite bike: I sold a Fuel EX a couple years ago that I still dream about regularly… the only bike I’ve ever regretted selling. Of current bikes, I’d say my CAAD12 with wide rims and 28c Panaracer GravelKings.
Favorite ride: Marys Peak Northridge trail back in Oregon. It’s just gorgeous downhill singletrack through old growth evergreen forests with a little bit of everything.
When do you listen to these? I tried to come up with a good mix of things I listen to. Some of these tracks came from my gym playlists, some from my old pre-race playlists, some from my cruising playlists, etc. I listen to music all the time so I’m always switching things up.