This week on 10 Tracks we’ve got R.J. Morris’ tunes blaring. R.J. races mountain bikes for Northern Colorado Grassroots- NCGR. When he’s not riding/racing his MTB somewhere in the Western U.S., he’s digging holes for his landscape company, Colorado Landscapes Unlimited or helping to coach the Ciclismo Youth Foundation’s middle school mtb program.  R.J. likes to be in-touch with neature so he doesn’t listen while he’s riding but he does get into it on the way to the trailhead and races. Favorite bike to race- Niner RKT RDO. Favorite bike to all-around bomb around on- Niner Jet9 RDO.  Favorite rides- Monarch Crest, Hang Over Sedona AZ,  Whole Enchilada, FOCO 102.