For the next few weeks on YGR’s 10 Tracks we’ll be featuring music from the CSU Rams Cycling Teams past and present team presidents. First up is the 2017/2018 president, Rees York.  Rees is graduation in December with a construction management degree and rides for the 1st City Cycling team. 

Favorite bike:  That’s got to be the one I’m currently riding, the 2015 Scott Addict, although I hear the Scott Foil is pretty nice too!
Favorite ride:  Local Ride: The dairy loop that I typically do on recovery days.  It’s an easy, low-traffic route.  You always have a great view at the top of Bingham Hills, go through some pastures, and there’s even a perfect coffee shop at exactly half way (Howling Cow Cafe).
Directions: You head out to overland and head north.  You turn left and go over Bignham Hills, then you head up towards Rist Canyon.  Right before you head into Rist Canyon, you turn right on the dirt road.  After about a 3/4 mile of dirt, it transitions to pavement.  From there you should see the Howling Cow Cafe on the right.  Once past the cafe, you turn right on 287 for a short trip as you take the very next right.  That’ll take you back to Overland, and you can take that back to town. 
Employer/title/what ‘would you say you do here’…:  I am a student at CSU studying construction management, and was the 2017-2018 CSU Cycling President.  I graduate this December, and will start a job as a Field Engineer for Mortenson Construciton in March!  As far as cycling goes, I look forward to manning the helm for a few local races, both old and hopefully at least two new events for next year!  You can typically find me at almost every road/cyclocross races throughout the year.
When do you listen to these?…  These songs are all upbeat, which is perfect for indoor trainer rides where I’m typically doing a bunch of intervals.  My favorite on this list has to be the song “Crazy” by Gnarls Barkley.  I was first introduced to this at a small cycling studio in London, where I tagged along to my dad’s indoor spin classes.  It was always the initial warm up song, and sporadically used for standing up efforts (hill climbing) in the class.  I’ve used it ever since to help clear mind and get myself focused for the ride at hand.