10 Tracks

This week’s 10 Tracks DJ is yours and my favorite TRex, Teresa Maria. Teresa came to us from the great state of Florida to get smart, left us to get a little smarter and has since returned to Fort Collins since she’s now super smart. She’s a high alpine ride junky with a penchant for Spanish music.

When do you listen to these? When I’m broing out, which is always.

Favorite bike? Whichever one of my bikes is currently functioning.

Favorite ride? Dan, why do ask such hard questions!?! There are so many good ones. The whole enchilada, bar rim trail, the Don ride in salida, American lakes to Thunder pass, ginny trail…..I can’t pick

Preferred style of riding? Long rides in the mountains where the goal is to fill in the mental map of an area and maybe get some nice views in.

Years in NoCo? (City?) 9 years, then left for 3, now am back

Hometown? I grew up in Florida.

Team name if applicable? I guess the Lake County Cuttin Crew has recruited me

How do you take your coffee? Whatever is around, I don’t have a refined coffee palate. I try to only drink it when I’m really tired.

Who influenced your taste in music? Life. Well currently, it was actually the pandemic and my quarantine hobby of watching telenovelas and movies from different spanish speaking countries to improve my Spanish. Both of my parents were born in Cuba, and I spoke it when I was little. Then I started going to school and switched to just speaking English. And, eventually, I could still understand it, but found it hard to speak. And the other thing about Spanish is, like with any language that is spoken across continents, there is so much variety in the vernacular that even fluent speakers from different Spanish speaking countries, or even within the same country, can’t understand each other. Anyway, long story long, I started watching telenovelas and movies from different Spanish speaking countries during the pandemic, with the Spanish captions on, and kind of repeating what they were saying.. the great thing about telenovelas is that they are so repetitive, like the same thing always happens, that you really get to practice ….and finally the music question….haha wow that was a journey, anyway , as is probably obvious, playing the same song on repeat and singing along is a great way to practice any language. This is why all of these songs are in Spanish, and from different countries.

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