As promised, we’ve got Tom Sweeney’s 10 Tracks playing in the background. If you’ve been following YGR for a while, you’ll know Tom from his annual Bike to School slideshows (every day for 9 years, etc, etc, etc…) and more recently (read: yesterday) the news that he has published a book about his bike rides around the world. Tom hails from the great state of Michigan but has been in the Fort for 20 years. He’s starting his 4th year teaching 5th grade at Bennett Elementary. Before that, he was teaching down in the land of love. 

Favortie Bike?  Soma Double Cross

Favorite Ride?  In Fort Collins, I love going up to Horsetooth Reservoir. Overseas, anywhere in France! The roads are smooth, the drivers courteous, and the views amazing.
Preferred style of riding?  On the road, in the hills, though I enjoy hitting Pine Ridge on my Karate Monkey now and again.

When do you listen to these?  These songs are perfect for hot, sunny days when you’re pedaling for hours on end. They also keep me company when I’m on a run.