Northern Colorado and Southern WY had 28 racers competing at USAC Cyclocross State Championships over the weekend. Congrats to those of you that made it on to the podium. Brannan Fix was racing the Resolution CX UCI races in Garland, Texas where he went 2nd and 5th. Steve Stefko is taking a break before he attempts to win the 40-44 National Championships in Louisville KY on the 14th.  He was 2nd in January. 

Please remember, if your result is not listed, it is probably because you didn’t race or USAC didn’t list your city in the results for whatever reason. 

Full results can be found here:


SSW 5 Heidi Gurov 9seventy Racing
Collegiate Men A 8 Alexander Johnson Unattached
MM 40+ 4 Daniel Porter NCCP-First City Cycling Team
MM 40+ 14 Ryan Hughs NCCP-First City Cycling Team
MM 40+ 4 7 Mike Hannig Team Rio Grande
MW 50+ 5 JJ Laughon Team Rio Grande
SSM 10 Timothy Fegel NCCP-First City Cycling Team
SSM 16 Logan VonBokel Team Rio Grande
SSM 24 Shane Garland NCCP-First City Cycling Team
SSW 2 Errin Vito Mosaic Riders Club
JM 15-16 7 Tristan Smith Unattached
JM 11-12 10 Ronan Pollock Rage Cycling Team
JM 15-16 20 Gavin Pollock Rage Cycling Team
MM 40+ Michael Kolczak Lee’s Cyclery-Trek Bikes
MM 40+ 4 3 Paul Bickerton Unattached
JM 11-12 14 Pierce Bickerton Unattached
MW 50+ 14 Deborah Homan NCCP-First City Cycling Team


MM 50+ 34 Joseph Paulson Boulder Centre for Orthopedics
SW 3 9 Heidi Gurov 9seventy Racing
SM 3 Aaron Barcheck Team Rio Grande
MM 50+ 4 Mike Boneberger Topo Designs Cycling Club
MM 50+ 11 David Hueter NCCP-First City Cycling Team
MM 50+ 21 Matthew Fix NCCP-First City Cycling Team
SM 3 5 Benjamin Johnson Unattached
SM 3 14 Sebastian Sturges SQUARE1 Cycling
SM 4 28 Andrew Tidrick RSD Racing
MM 50+ 18 Rodrigo Gil Moreno de Mora Unattached
SM Open Stephen Cochran Unattached