This week we’re checking in with a brand new team for 2020, the Scheels Colorado Cycling Team. SCCT is based out of the Johnstown Scheels and has a 10 rider roster who will be competing in road, gravel, mtb and cyclocross events across the region. 

Event Involvement

Our team will be involved with local community races throughout the year, as well as leading rides and fun bike events from/at SCHEELS!

Why was the team formed? Why did SCHEELS see a value?

We formed the team to expand SCHEELS brand awareness and impact in the Colorado cycling community! We wanted to develop a team of local SCHEELS cycling ambassadors that are well respected in the cycling community, and could help our bike experts share our SCHEELS story.

Who is on the team and how were they selected?

Our team (see members below) is made up of 10 local cyclists that we already had a connection with through our associates or other partner organizations.

Alexa Stallworth

Brad Ells

Don Dority

Eric Sorenson

Josh Speiser

Kyle Williams

Michael Ortega

Richard Slayden

Sebastian Sturges

Steve Stalgren

Where will the team be competing?

All over Colorado and in surrounding states!

Try to keep up