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Professional Gravel Racers


Whitney Allison

Zack Allison 


Bike Sports, a new cycling brand from Zack and Whitney Allison, offers a gravel-focused racing team, a bike fit studio, biking expeditions and adventure travel experiences covering all skill levels to Northern Colorado and beyond. Whitney and Zack share over two decades of pro-level road and gravel racing between them and Bike Sports is an inclusive avenue for them to bring you along for the ride and see the world as they see it.

That apple on the tree that’s just out of reach — you know, that event you’ve been eyeing for years — let us springboard you out of your comfort zone and straight to it. Get sideways into a turn. Break the wheels loose on a gravel descent. Live like a king or queen slurping the oysters of the world’s most picturesque riding locations. We will bring you on an experience by bicycle. If you’re wondering if cycling is your thing, it will be after we hang out.

2021 Press Release: 

We’ve introduced ourselves as bike racers for over a decade. We drove cross country subsisting on gas station food, we “got signed,” we rode gravel before it was a thing and what we have now is speed, experience, and insight. As old as bike racing is, it’s currently experiencing a time of massive change. It’s shifting to what the masses want to see regardless of governing bodies and rules. Gravel racing is the next generation of racing that came from practicality and genuine love of riding. Gravel events are born out of a hypocritical, greedy, and unfair system of promoting a sport we all love. Who we are and the ethos of Bike Sports is simple, fun, pure, and inclusive. What’s for sure is we’re going to race bikes, we’re going to show other people the beauty of life on a saddle and we’re going to carry ourselves well, with pride and panache, under the banner of Bike Sports. You can find their current calendar and partners: