Primary Focus

 Road, MTB, Cyclocross, Gravel- All the bikes

Type of Racer

Men’s and women’s master’s racing team. Mixed racing/grand adventure/love of riding.

Mission Statement

To be good ambassadors of the sport of cycling regardless of whether we are racing, riding epic adventures, or biking around town.

Press Release

There are many reasons cyclists are drawn to the sport and the members of our team likewise represent this diversity. We have nationally ranked racers, age group racers, commuters, and adventure riders. Our reasons for riding evolve as we evolve which keeps us engaged and eliminates stagnation. Regardless of what motivates us individually we are all committed to a healthy lifestyle and a level of fitness which allows us to pursue our passions.
COVID-19 has limited our organized racing and riding over the past year.


Breakaway Cycles
Gale Bernhardt Consulting Inc.






Gale Bernhdardt

Ron Kennedy

Matt Roberts

Keith Jensen

Christian Panozzo


Rich Panozzo


*The Breakaway Cycles is an invite-only team and is currently closed to new riders.