Primary Focus:

High School Mountain Biking
Type of Rider:

Junior Mountain Bike Race Program


We are supporting local juniors that want to race their mountain bikes through UCI events, local MTB events, Enduro, and Colorado High School Mountain Bike League events throughout the year. Racing and riding bikes with your friends is rad and we want to help provide those experiences to local juniors!

2021 Press Release: 

In 2020 we made lemonade out of the lemons! We volunteered multiple days and many hours of time in trail work days in Lory State Park and Curt Gowdy State Park, completed several Everest attempts while raising money for the Phoenix Foundation to raise awareness and support those suffering with drug addictions, and competed in the virtual Colorado High School Mountain Bike League events during the fall to remain active in the racing community and give ourselves opportunities to go fast! We added Brannan Fix and Jeremy Norris as coaches, and held Tuesday and Thursday night Cyclocross Practices at Rossborough Park with full headlights! This year we are hoping that we will be able to race some of the biggest races in the country and provide a chance for our junior riders to compete at the National Championships in Winter Park and give it their all! We will still be active with our trail work days, and giving back to our community throughout it all and we can’t wait to be back out on the trails in April!


Andy Clark
Brannan Fix
Jeremy Norris
Samantha Welter


Jackson Menand
Trace Fondy
Andrew Morris
Kade Kreikemeier
Jackson Dale
Cade Shortridge
Cole McGinnis
Kell Hueter
Cole Swanson
Gavin Pollock
Tristan West
Brodie Morrison
Luke Lowndes
Ronan Pollock
Declan Knies
Mary Collins
Isabel Derbes
Gianna DeFazio

Sammy Davison




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