What to say about Whitney and Zack Allison with the Bike Sports, Gravel Graceland and FoCo Fondo brands…. The professional gravel racers have been working hard to build their empire while simultaneously lifting the entire Northern Colorado Cycling scene. Their efforts to make cycling and especially gravel riding accessible and welcoming to everyone should be embraced and replicated at events across the country. I’m continually in awe of their positive energy and entrepreneurial spirit. While I’m proud to have their banners flying on the site, I’m even more proud to call them my friends. Thanks for everything you guys do!
Bike Sports is their pro gravel race team and bike fit studio based out of Brave New Wheel. Gravel Graceland is a three-day gravel camp based out of the Fort. The 30-50 mile rides are fully supported and traverse a mix of gravel, pavement, and single track. The FoCo Fondo is Fort Collins’ flagship summer cycling event. “A gravel ride, a gravel race, rooted in the insanity of a Fondo with the levity of the Fort Collins community. Whether you’re into racing bikes or all-day bike parties in the open range of Colorado. FoCo Fondo is your adventure.”