Trailcraft Cycles was started here in Fort Collins in 2014 by Brett and Ginger Rosenbauer, with their two children as the catalysts for the brand. Brett was working sales at Niner and wanted a high-performance bike for his son so they could share their passion for riding. Unable to find the perfect bike, Brett began designing, prototyping, and eventually selling bikes that bore the names of the trails they were tested on. It wasn’t long before Brett quit his job at Niner and joined Ginger, running Trailcraft full time. Each Pineridge, Maxwell, Bluesky, and Timber is assembled and packaged by the Rosenbauers and their employees in their southwest Fort Collins headquarters. I have seen the enjoyment level for cycling skyrocket since all three of my kids began riding Trailcrafts. Having a lightweight, well-fitting bike with brakes they can use, gears they can shift, and suspension dialed to their weight makes a huge difference in their confidence and enjoyment (which increases my enjoyment). If you are a family that mountain bikes together, I highly encourage you to consider adding a Trailcraft or two to the fleet. I would also like to thank the Rosenbauers and Trailcraft for supporting the YGR Kid’s zone page.