Primary Focus

Mountain, gravel

Type of racer

All levels of racers and recreational riders

Mission Statement

Northern Colorado Grassroots (NCGR) is a team of mountain bikers based out of Fort Collins, Colorado who like to have a good time and love riding bikes. We like to race our bikes, be good stewards of the trails, give back to the community, and be all-around good advocates for the sport of mountain biking.  We prefer Niner Bikes, 3.2 PBR.

Press Release

NCGR is comprised of cycling enthusiasts ranging from recreational cyclists to professional racers. Our goal is to cultivate a healthier and more vibrant community. In 2021 we would like to get more involved in local trail work and advocacy as well as encourage members to participate in volunteer opportunities for coaching through send town and cyclismo. NCGR is committed to advocating close work with our local community to create an inclusive and enjoyable cycling environment.

We currently have members signed up for:

  • 12 hours of Mesa Verde – Cortez, CO
    Saturday 5/8/21
  • Royal Gorge Six & Twelve – Cañon City, CO
    Saturday 5/15/21
  • Mad Gravel – Kiowa, CO
    Sunday 5/16/21
  • CO2UT Gravel Race – Fruita,CO
    Saturday, 5/22/21
  • Gunnison Growler – Gunnison, CO
    5/29 – 5/30
  • Unbound Gravel – Emporia, KS
    Saturday 6/5/21
  • Belgium Waffle Race – San Diego,CA
    Sunday, 7/22/21
  • 2021 FoCo Fondofest
    Sunday, July 25, 2021
  • Laramie Range Epic – Laramie, Wy
    Saturday, July 31st, 2021
  • Pierre’s Hole – Targhee, WY


Primal Wear, Rudy Project, Colorado Landscapes Unlimited, Long Technologies, Wright Environmental, Alpine Dental, Nicks Italian, Social Fort Collins, Hines Inc, Akins







Daniel Williams
Kevin Dolinar
Clint Jones
Colt Jones
Valerie Collins
Toby Wright
Dick Crate
Tori Royle
Mitch Wood
Paul Hansen
Dian Hansen
Steve Lacey
Kent Winters
Kurt Ireland
Clint Knapp
Chris Herron
R.J. Morris
Des Yap
Brad Brown
Rachael McCrary
Heather Haaland
Bill Bottom
Ben Parman
Alex Izner
Bryan Rodriguez
Bobby Binckes
Andre Breton
JJ Hannah
Mick McDill
Josh Cameron
Doug Kling
Sara Sheets
Mike Nosler
Mike Sokol
Torey Lenoch
Tami Perin
Ralph Eberspacher
Suzanne Akin
Ty Fulcher
Stacy Driskell
Joe Menetre
Jeff Sergi
Libby Sergi
Jack Haley
Phil Fraser
Eric Swab
Erin Bisenius
Brian Johnson
Bill Frielingsdorf
Joe Perin
Shawn Ward
Nate Hines
Brad Ells
Jay Risk
Dan Klingelhoefer
Gail Hogeland
Rich Thornton
Patrick Nash
Nick Doyle