You know, know of, or have at least seen Steve Douglas out bombing around. He’s a regular on the local trails and the TFr group ride. He also posts unapologetic critiques of TFR rides on his YouTube Channel which I, for one, find pretty entertaining but I’m also not one of the ones being critiqued. Steve rides for Old School Industries and works as a Software Engineer at HP. He’s originally from Harrisburg, PA, and has been in the Fort for 20 years and at with HP for 26.

When do you listen to these? I usually listen to these when running. When on the trainer I need more variety and just listen to some DJ cuts on YouTube,

Favorite bike? 2014 Specialized Expert Enduro Comp

Favorite ride? I guess it would be the ride from Fort Collins up to Estes park.. Not on the favorite bike though. Maybe Old Fall River road would be up there too. Mount Evans was fun descending.

Preferred style of riding? All Mountain is my favorite as it’s more like just playing. There’s so much to learn and do, and no cars! I like road too, not so much into gravel… it’s hard on my old body.

How do you take your coffee? I like my coffee with lots of chocolate flavored creamer. I’m not a coffee snob as it’s not in my genes. I do grind my own beans with a whirly bird grinder in the coffee maker.