Over the coming weeks and months, Kerry Wicks will be documenting the legal process when it comes to the hit and run of a cyclist in Larimer County. On June 14th her husband, Jeff Wicks, was hit and left unconscious and bleeding on the side of the road.  

Here is her latest post. 

Here is the Coloradoan article: http://noconow.co/1tRXMOt

January 30th approaches—sentencing day for hit and run driver (soon to be felon), Peggy Brown. Jeff

Wicks and I welcome the community support in Courtroom 3A at 10am at the Larimer County
Courthouse/Justice Center on Laporte. To create a sense of a ‘roadsharing’ community, cycling attire is

Given the sizzling nature of this topic for FoCO, and all of Northern Colorado, it is our understanding
press will be present for this event. We have had the pleasure of working with journalist Jason Pohl
(Coloradoan) and are confident he will represent our story and sentiments well.
During this boilerplate of activity on the subject of cycling/accidents/accountability/laws, Jeff and I offer
our hopes for the future to you all:

  • To the courts: Please please please strengthen the legal commitment to more purposeful

sanctioning for those who misuse their road privileges. Leaving the scene of an accident (twice)
shows a sincere lack of accountability—sentencing should strive to rectify this lack of
understanding. Stricter laws for this cause. Please.

  • To the motorist community: The roads are not YOURs, or HERs, or HIS. They are OURS. Abide

by the 3 foot rule and actively search for the non-motorized roadsharers around you. No text,
no radio station, no fatigue is worth reshaping or ceasing a life. Be. Present. Now.

  • To cyclists: Take no risks. Don’t trust you’re seen. Don’t ride two aside. Be alert and savvy.

And for goodness sake’s wear a damn helmet.

  • To pedestrians: Don’t be aloof. Assume nothing. Head up buttercup—don’t be ‘in’ your phone

as you traverse a street.
There are no winners here.
Our lives have been shattered by the myriad of mistakes of one person. Jeff will still be dealing with
countless issues and lack of abilities for the rest of his life. And frankly, I imagine one Miss Peggy Brown
is a bit shattered too.
Once again, we’d like to thank our responsive and absolutely incredible community for having our
backs during this undeniably difficult year. You all rallied. You sent love. You helped heal. You
highlighted the issue of a great need for heightened legal accountability. You get ‘IT’.
There are no winners here.