Fort Collins Natural Areas announced yesterday that Bobcat Ridge Natural area will likely remain closed until the summer of 2021.

Via Fort Collins Natural areas

Bobcat Ridge is closed for your safety and for the recovery of the natural area.  

It is expected to reopen in the summer of 2021 and it may reopen in phases.  

Initial assessments show that prior to reopening Bobcat Ridge to visitors, fallen and burnt trees need to be cleared from trails, trails and other infrastructure must be repaired and several trail bridges need to be replaced. The area used as the ranch dump (previous to City of Fort Collins ownership) was disturbed and needs to be remediated. The recovery is being planned and implemented in coordination with the larger Cameron Peak Fire recovery efforts. Ecological restoration will begin in the spring, however visitors should know that the restoration process takes time. 

The timeline for reopening accounts for other priority trail projects, winter weather, coordination with the US Forest Service, COVID-19 protocols, the Natural Areas Department’s seasonal workforce, and other factors. 

The Natural Areas Department will keep you updated through the long process of rebuilding and restoring Bobcat Ridge Natural Area.

Timelapse of the Fire Moving Through Bobcat Ridge Natural Area

Bobcat Ridge- Cameron Peak Fire