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Laramie BikeNet and Rock on Wheels (Cheyenne) will again have a 4-race Cyclocross Series (2017 SE-WYO-CX Race Series) with races scheduled for the following Sundays: October 15th (Cheyenne), October 22nd (Laramie), October 29th (Laramie) and November 5th (Cheyenne).

The Cheyenne Races will be at Clear Creek Park, have 12pm start times (probably mass start) and WILL be FREE for anyone willing to show up and have fun.
The Laramie Races will be at LaPrele Park, Have 12pm start times (mass start again) and SHOULD be free as well (this detail is still being hammered out).

We’d love to see a bunch of Ft. Collins / Front Range folks come up and race in a really relaxed but also competitive environment. Our races would be great for the new / less experienced CX racer due to the low-key environment and no-cost fee and will still be a great option for the faster rider/racer looking for a good training race that’s cheap (FREE!) as we expect some locals will show up. In addition, we’re continuing the tradition of having a traveling trophy (the SE-WYO-CX Cow Bell) that is to be awarded to the town that produces the most riders on a given race day and goes home with town that produces the most overall racers in the 4-race series. I can think of no better way to motivate Laramie and Cheyenne riders to come out and represent than to have the ‘threat’ of Ft. Collins racers showing up in mass and winning the trophy on a given Sunday … plus if Ft. Collins wins the trophy they have to bring it to the next race on the following Sunday thus assuring another good turnout!



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