Last night (03/14/2023), Fort Collins City Council began discussing the future of the former Hughes Stadium Property. During the work session, Ginny Sawyer and Sylvia Tatman-Burruss, the project managers, spoke about the project and the outreach up until this point. The mayor, Jeni Arndt, and council members, Tricia Canonico (District 3), Shirley Peel (District 4), and Emily Francis (District 6), didn’t really voice an opinion one way or the other but reiterated that they’d like to see further community outreach, that we were in the very early phases of the discussion, and that they’d like to see the space meet as many of the community needs as possible.  Meanwhile, council members Susan Gutowsky (District 1) and Kelly Ohlson (District 5) voiced their adamant opposition to the Hughes property housing a bike park. Gutowsky was “spooked” by the number of people that came to the city council meeting to speak in favor of the park.  Julie Pignataro (District 2) was absent. You can view the full meeting below.