Alright Fort Collins, the CSU Rams Cycling Team is raising funds for a new team trailer. Their current 12-foot trailer can no longer safely transport the number of bikes and gear needed by the ever growing and successful team (they were the best all-around team in the nation in 2018/2019). They’re hoping to purchase and outfit a 20-foot trailer to help carry the 30+ bikes they take to each race.  After 9 days, the GoFundMe campaign has only raised $179.00 of the $5,900.00 goal. 

Seriously, take a look at the photo below. Would you want to transport your bike like that?

Here’s the link to the donation page:

Here’s their donation request: 
The CSU Cycling Team is a sport club of Colorado State University located in Fort Collins, Colorado. We race both mountain and road bikes National ranking first in D1 clubs!  Our team is entirely student ran, and funded without University support.  

As our team has grown, our trailer used to transport our bikes and luggage to races and events has become too small to support our needs.  Our team currently tows a 12-foot trailer, holding only about 14 bikes. In the photo below you can see how scary this is, cramming our bikes into such a small space, causing us to add bikes on top of those already laid on the floor.  We have nearly 30+ riders attending each race, and the number of bikes and bags traveling with the team adds up pretty quick. 

Although we qualify as a university-sanctioned team,  the school restricts us from buying our own vans, forcing us to rent motor pool vehicles per event – which is costly (averaging $800 rental for 2 vans per race weekend). Considering the majority of team funding goes towards covering travel costs to races, money is tight on upgrading our necessary gear. 

Our Ultimate Goal: We hope to purchase a new trailer and outfit it with proper fork/ bike mounts on the trailer walls to better organize and transport our equipment. We are seeking financial support or sponsorship towards purchasing a new trailer. With a new trailer, our team can do our part in ensuring future generations of CSU cycling can support the fast expansion.  

Below is an idea of what we would like to get: 

A 20- foot bumper pull trailer, with rear and side doors. 

The interior will be outfitted with fork mounts for bike carrying systems, leaving room on the floor for bags and tools: 

Please take a look at our team’s history and success on Facebook and Instagram @csucycling

By offering your support, our team will send a personalized thank you letter and team photo with our gratitude. 

Any support you give is a huge help – even a simple share of this post goes a long way! We look forward to getting back on the road and sharing our progress with you all.  

– CSU Cycling

Here’s the link to the donation page: