nailsSteve Stefko’s hopes of acquiring coveted UCI points during Sundays Boulder Cup were dashed after two flats on lap one. Two headed nails used to hold down landscape netting were left on course during the UCI C1 cyclocross race, the highest ranking for a cx race.  Stefko  picked up two of these bent-over nails as he was climbing Jail Break hill just after the start, destroying both of his newly glued PDX tubulars and badly chipping the paint on his new Cannondale SuperX.  After running 1/2 of a lap, Stefko dug deep to not get lapped and earned a still respectable 31st place. Asked why none of the other categories had any issues, Stefko explained that the Elites were going up the hill 4 or 5 wide like a herd of horses and taking lines that none of the other categories were using. Stefko was visablly frustrated with the race promoter, and UCI officials for allowing this to happen at such a high level race.  In order to qualify for Elite Nationals, racers must acquire a single UCI point.  For Stefko, that will now have to wait until Jingle Cross in IA.