Kristin Eagle Mugshot
Kristin Eagle’s mugshot

Kristin Eagle will spend one year in jail, 10 years on probation and will have to pay restitution to her victims with regard to her recent fraud case. She will only be allowed to leave jail in order to go to work to repay her victims.  She is currently employed at Sprouts as a cashier.  She has two weeks to report and will also have to stay drug and alcohol-free and comply with mental health recommendations.  On January 15th, she pled guilty to computer crime, a class 2 misdemeanor, and charitable fraud, a class 5 felony.

8th Judicial District Judge Carroll Brinegar deviated from the sentence requested by Deputy District Attorney Shaun Reinhart which recommended 5 years probation with 25 hours of community service per year and one year in jail. Brinegar noted that she did not assign community service because she did not trust Eagle working with such organizations. During the two-hour hearing, Eagle made a lengthy statement where she apologized to her victims but blamed her actions on her Dissociative Identity, Post Traumatic Stress, Major Depression Disorders and anxiety. Eagle noted that until recently, she believed that she actually had cancer at the time and had been hearing voices, suffering from hallucinations and delusions. Brinegar also did not seem moved by her statement noting that “explanation is not an excuse”.  Brinegar stated, “Clearly the community is not safe if you are not treated and it might not be safe if you are.” Also stated, “You have a long history of saying things that are manipulative.”

Eagle’s stepfather, accompanied by her mother, also read a statement stating that they too believed she was ill but have since learned she is mentally ill rather than dying of cancer. At one point her stepfather blamed the cycling community for not discovering the fraudulent claims earlier because the community did not reach out to them. After the hearing, community members noted that Eagle strictly forbade them from speaking with her parents because her stepfather had sexually abused her and that her mother had dementia. Eagle is still living with them, paying rent and paying back their retirement funds which she allegedly defrauded them of.

Thirteen members of the Fort Collins cycling community were in attendance, five of which read sometimes emotional statements outlining how Eagle took advantage of them, the cycling community, and cancer communities. One community member emailed in her statement and had it read by Deputy District Attorney Reinhart.