The results from yesterday’s Fort Collins city council, mayoral election and ballot issue vote bode well for a bike park in Fort Collins. The question remains: when and where.

City Council and Mayoral Race

Fort Collins is one step closer to realizing its dream of a world-class bike park.

The city’s newly elected and reelected council members, Emily Francis (reelected), Julie Pignataro (reelected), and Melanie Potyondy (newly elected), along with Mayor Jeni Arndt (reelected), support the concept of a bike park. However, opinions vary on its location, especially concerning Hughes Stadium.

Francis, Potyondy, and Arndt favor the idea of the former Hughes Stadium being turned into a bike park. Pignataro refrains from public endorsement of Hughes but actively discusses and supports the broader notion of a bike park in Fort Collins. “I don’t believe this is the right place for a bike park, mainly because I think closer to town would be more convenient and better economically. I look forward to continued conversations with the community as to the best use of the Hughes land but am leaning towards more low-impact uses such as cross-country trails, etc. ” Pignataro said.

Some election candidates ran partly on a platform opposing the Hughes bike park location and lost.

City Council Support of the idea of a bike park at Hughes-

  • Jeni Arndt Mayor- Yes
  • Susan Gutowsky Councilmember, District 1 No
  • Julie Pignataro Councilmember, District 2 No
  • Tricia Canonico Councilmember, District 3 Unconfirmed
  • Melanie Potyondy Councilmember, District 4 Yes
  • Kelly Ohlson Councilmember, District 5 No
  • Emily Francis Councilmember, District 6 Yes
Photo by Grzegorz Tokarski

Fort Collins Voters Embrace 2A- Guaranteed Funding For Parks

In a significant win for community-driven initiatives, Fort Collins residents have approved Ballot Issue 2A. This half-cent sales tax will fund parks and recreation infrastructure replacement, expansion of the transit system and programs to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the city. With a strong emphasis on addressing urgent needs like playground replacements, facility upgrades, and the creation of new amenities, 50% of the funds generated will be dedicated to parks and recreation.

Having a guaranteed funding source will make the construction and maintenance of a bike park much more likely.

Starting January, the 27-year tax will levy a modest charge—5 cents on a $10 purchase, 50 cents on a $100 purchase, or $5 on a $1,000 purchase. Excluding groceries from the tax provides relief for essential items and ensures a balanced financial impact.

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