USAPC 2013 LogoBy all accounts, stage 6 of the 2013 USAPC in Northern Colorado was a huge success, yet the Northern Colorado LOC (Local Organizing Committee) has decided not to bid on hosting a stage in 2014.  Why? The floods that hit Colorado in Sept. Larimer County is facing 80 to 100 million dollars and two construction seasons worth of road/bridge repairs. US Highways 34 and 36 were heavily damaged as were county roads such as Rist and Buckhorn Canyons. Not to mention the damage that took place within the the cities and towns like Estes Park, Loveland, Drake and Glen Haven. Members of the LOC have decided that financial and human resources would be better used in the rebuilding process than to host the USAPC.  The LOC will use the extra time to put in a strong bid for 2015.