Patty McC bissLocal Pro “Pat” McCarty will be working with long-time friends and coaches at Durata Training out of Austin, TX to utilize his vast knowledge and experience from the peloton to begin training and coaching cyclists at all levels.

As a professional racer for over 10 years, Pat has seen the sport from all angles, has competed in everything from criteriums to grand tours, and has worked with many professional trainers along the way.  Pat is also currently pursuing a degree in Sports Psychology which he intends to apply to his coaching techniques.

Also, as a big advocate of development sports, and with his experience in all levels of USA Cycling’s development programs, Pat is excited to work with young riders to help them reach their goals and have fun riding bikes.

A quick Q and A with Pat:

YGR:  How long have you been coaching?

PMc:  I have done some work with Durata Training in the past with a few of their clients.  I have also talked with some younger pros on occasion about how to approach European racing, but have not done full-time training programs.  Getting into coaching has always been my plan.  It was earlier this fall I decided to pursue it more seriously.

YGR:  What do you think are your strengths as a coach?

PMc:  My experience is absolutely my biggest strength.  I believe in a multi-faceted approach to training, which means it’s not just about the numbers.  There are many things that come into play with performance, and sometimes it just takes trial and error to understand it all.

YGR:  You mentioned working with young riders, do you have any good advice for them?

PMc:  Absolutely.  I remember as a junior thinking every result was critical to advancing to the next level, and although that was motivating for me, that’s certainly not the answer for every young rider.  Figuring out and focusing on what’s most amusing is the key.  As long as they’re having fun with it, whatever that means, they’ll get the most out of the sport.

YGR:  What disciplines will you work with?

PMc:  All of them.  I am a professional on the road, but have experience on the dirt as well.

YGR:  What do you intend to bring from your pro experience to coaching?

PMc:  As I said before, trial and error are a major part of sports, and if you’re not being pushed, you won’t learn anything.  So being pushed in sport for most of my life has taught me a lot!  Especially at the professional level, where it’s do or die.  I don’t think that mentality is appropriate for all levels, but it has certainly imbued me with a unique perspective and insight.  Basically, it comes down to applying yourself.  And to me, that’s the key to performance.

If you have any questions for Pat, please feel free to get in touch with him.