Via our friends at Bike Fort Collins: of American Bicyclists Report Card: League of American Bicyclists has again honored Fort Collins with the prestigious Platinum Bicycle Friendly Community award – one of just five communities in the U.S. to receive the honor.The Platinum BFC award recognizes Fort Collins ’ commitment to improving conditions for all people who bike through investments in bike education programs, bike events that promote and encourage people to choose biking, pro-bike policies, and bike infrastructure. 

Fort Collins was first designated a Platinum BFC in 2013, and the award was up for renewal this year. It has long been a goal of the City to be a recognized leader for the work our transportation professionals and residents have put in over the years to make our community more accessible by bike. We’re proud to continue to be a part of the nearly 500 communities across the United States that are transforming America one Bicycle Friendly Community at a time. 

The city also has 61 Bicycle Friendly Businesses – one of the highest numbers in the country. The City of Fort Collins itself is a Platinum Bicycle Friendly Business and Colorado State University is a Platinum Bicycle Friendly University. 

“Biking has the power to transform our nation economically, environmentally and socially and it’s so important that communities like Fort Collins have laid the groundwork over several years to make biking a safe, accessible option for all. With many more Americans turning to biking as a fun way to get outdoors and as a necessary transportation option, we must keep the momentum to build a Bicycle Friendly America for everyone going,” said Bill Nesper, executive director of the League of American Bicyclists. 

People across our community are biking more than ever, for commuting to essential jobs, trips to the store, and for recreation. We can’t wait for future events where we can all celebrate this award and our achievements for building a better community together.