Local racer, mechanic and all around swell guy, Stewart Pomery broke his ankle Tuesday evening while racing the final New Belgium Short-track race (his bike is fine, so no worries there). Mike Weber and Tom Carter established a GoFundMe campaign to help Stew out with the mountain of medical bills he’s about to incur. Tom Carter, the director of the Wound Rider Program, has been taking care of our little buddy up to this point. 

If you can make a monetary donation, it will be greatly appreciated.

Via the GoFundMe campaign.
Both the tibia and fibula were broken and there were several torn ligaments and tendons. (I’ve never seen a foot that was turned that way before.)
He will be having surgery on Wednesday, June 14 to repair the damage. Currently he does not have insurance to cover the $10,000 cost of the surgery, and will be faced with medical bills and lost income due to time off work in the coming weeks and months.
If you can help get this guy back on his feet (literally), it would make a great deal of difference to him.
Thank you.