Registration has opened for Ciclismo Coaching’s High School Mountain Bike Program. This is the Colorado High School Cycling League program for Rocky Mountain High School students and other area high school mountain bike racers that want elite-level coaching for the high school mtb season.

The season kicks off July 31st and runs until October 23rd. Racers will take part in 5 races and 30+ practices as part of the Colorado High School Cycling League MTB season. Races will be held in Frisco, Steamboat, Granby Ranch, Eagle, and the State Championships, in Drango.   Weekday practices will take place on our local trails. Weekend practice opportunities will take place in places like Gowdy, Glendo, and other regional trail systems.

Rocky Mountain High School athletes will receive a Rocky varsity letter, other area school athletes will receive a Ciclismo Racing varsity letter.  The program will be taught by Coach Andy Clark, who is one of two Colorado High School Cycling League curriculum directors, Jeremy Jonson, Shawn Pollock, Brannon Fix, Jeremy Norris, Sam Welter, and Shane Corbin. 


  1. Develop successful scholastic athletes on and off the bike
  2. Build an inclusive community, Ciclismo’s familiglia and an inclusive championship Rocky High School MTB Team, 3rd place D2 2019, 2nd place D2 2020
  3. Create life empowering opportunities through the sport of High School MTB     

General information:The program costs $800.00.
Registration Opens on May 24th.If you ride for Rocky Mountain High School you must register and order your kit (jersey and bibs included in cost) by June 4th. Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday practice schedule + 4 races and the state championships. Registration Information:Ciclismo Coaching’s High School Mountain Bike Program Registration You will also need to register for the Colorado High School MTB LeagueContact:

Sendtown Bike Club will have other Colorado High School MTB League opportunities opening later this summer.