Indoor MTB Super Short Track presented by Colorado Indoor BMX in Greeley Colorado

short track shauna

The races that were held on the 18th were so successful that the Colorado Indoor BMX guys have extended it by two more Tuesdays. If you didn’t make it out on the 18th, I highly recommend that you get over there on the 15th or 4th.


Colorado Indoor BMX is happy to announce that they will be hosting indoor short track races on February 25th and March 4th in the Livestock Building at Island Grove Park in Greeley CO.  The number one goal is to have a safe and fun event.  There will be no scoring and no awards for adults (we have ribbons for kids).


If you have any questions, contact Zip at


Dates Categories and Start Times:

Tuesday, February 25th and March 4th

Registration opens   5:30

Kids 0-8       6:30-6:40

Juniors 9-13    6:30-6:40

High School     6:30-6:50

“C”     7:10-7:30

“B”   7:40-8:05

“A”     8:15-8:45



Entry Fees:

Kids 0-18 Free Adults $10



The Course is small and 100% indoors. We’ll have 2/3 BMX track on dirt, 1/3 on concrete floor, all indoors.



If you have a UCI or USABMX membership, please bring it.  It will help speed registration up. YOU DO NOT NEED A MEMBERSHIP TO PARTICIPATE.



Livestock Building at Island Grove Park in Greeley CO

Depending on where you live in the Fort, it’s between a 30 minute and 60 minute drive. Coming in from the North via highway 85 seems to be the fastest route.


  • No Pets

  • Volunteers always appreciated!


Weekend Races
There will be BMX racing this on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, with MTB open classes.

Friday sign up 5-6pm, races ASAP

Saturday sign up 11-1, races ASAP

Sununday sign up 9-11, races ASAP

BMX format, similar to 4X