wicks bike 1On January 30th, Peggy Brown was sentenced for the hit and run of Jeff Wicks. Below is the response from Jeff’s wife, Kerry.  As you recall, Jeff was hit and left on the side of the road by Peggy Brown on June 14 of last year. After the collision, Brown left the scene without stopping, rendering aid or notifying the authorities. She was only brought to justice because a witness followed her and called the police. 
By Kerry Wicks

Once down, you get up.  While Jeff’s ordeal is far from over with regard to his recovery and our peace, we can now close the litigious chapter.  

Peggy Brown was sentenced.

320 hours of community service, 4 years probation and a 3000.00 fine. And, though Jeff’s sentence is for life, I have accepted this outcome.  

Making our courtroom statements was beyond challenging.  Thankfully, Jeff is alive and able to have done so.  

Though I’m absolutely ready to move forward, the ‘what ifs’ are on a constant reel in my head…

What if any one of these statements had been true…

  • The defendant had been 21?

  • The victim had been 14?

  • The accident had occurred in a rural locale?

  • No one had followed Peggy Brown and contacted police?

  • What if Jeff’s injuries had been (even more) catastrophic?

Sigh.  My mind spins, but playing this emotional roulette of sorts doesn’t move us forward.  All the ‘what ifs’ in the world won’t reshape what IS.  What DID happen.

Jeff is here.  Bryce and Charlotte have a dad☺. He is recovering with Iron blood.

We know the cycling community, and indeed most of our friends and family are somewhat dissatisfied with the sentencing outcome.  

Let’s put that energy into moving legislation, upgrading the cycling infrastructure, and creating impactful change on our roads.  As you drive, walk, run, bike, motorcycle along…be aware.  Be kinder.  Be present.  

It should be noted, Jeff and I met with the DA prior to Peggy’s plea date.  We specifically requested no jail time for this case.  Instead, our hope was for purposeful change—a sentencing that pivoted on education and impact.  We want Peggy, and all perpetrators of such cases, to be moved. To ‘get it’.  To change and edify as people.  A jail cell didn’t seem the appropriate place for 73 year old Peggy Brown.  Perhaps, 320 hours of thoughtful, cycling-oriented service will help her, and her Des Moines community.

That being said, penalties ought to be stiff—though, I’m not a proponent of ‘one size fits all’ sentencing. Maybe that is the Canadian in me, but punitive justice does not feed my humanitarian core.  Meet individuals where they are, educate and uplift. I believe, very firmly, in giving people the opportunity to do better through challenging and specific measures.

Don’t misread me… but instead choose to ‘hear’ that this issue is bigger than jail time, fines, and punishment. Rally with us to change legislation and improve a community.  Every voice matters.

To that end, Jeff and I will be part of panel on February 16th focused on current practice and legislative change. I’ll update with details next week.

Massive gratitude goes out to:

  • The Colorado cycling community.

  • The Coloradoan, specifically Jason Pohl and Erin Hull.

  • Your Group Ride & the Injured Riders Project (Dan Porter and Gretchen).

  • Our attorney and the DA.

  • Otterbox.

  • Everyone at MCR who put up with the ‘worst patient ever’ 😉

  • All our neighbors—you really took care of our kids, our house and our backs.

  • Our friends—you rallied with so much love and support

  • Our family—each of you went through this struggle with us.  

  • Our social media peeps—we value your thoughts, your insight and your concern for us.  


We’re flipping the page now on our next chapter.  Write it with us.