After being closed for a week and a half, LCNR has decided to allow access to the Way Better Than The Road social trail. On January 22nd LCNR closed the trail in part due to complaints of illegal parking in the Continental West subdivision, their policy on closing illegal social trails and issues with extended parking at the Overlook. Although not expressly stated, the Overlook was not and is not intended as a trailhead parking area. The cycling community and some members of the subdivision advocated for the trail to be reopened because it provided safe and fun access to the Blue Sky Trail without having to ride on County Road 38E. 459 people signed a petition started by community activist, Tom Bondurant, with hopes of getting the county to rethink their position on this particular closure. Several cyclists also reached out to members of the Larimer County Commissioners and the Larimer County Open Lands Advisory Board. On February 2nd it was announced that the trail would reopen immediately on February 3rd, the signs were removed.  

What can we do to keep this trail open?

Do not park in the Continental West subdivision. No Parking signs may be going up. 

Do not park a the Overlook.  30-minute parking signs will be going up. 

Do not start or ride social trails. 

I really want to emphasize that even though LCNR changed course on this trail, this is NOT the way to get trails approved. There is a specific process in place to get trails built. Community involvement in Master Plan development is the best way. Electing officials that are in support of a balanced approach to conservation and recreation is also very important.