After repeated requests by park users and a formal request by the Overland Mountain Bike Association earlier this year, Lory State Park will now close certain trails to all users during wet and muddy conditions. The changes will go into effect in Oct of this year. 
According to OMBA, Overland’s board of directors sent a letter to Park staff earlier this year and followed up with a direct meeting in which they specifically asked for this policy change. “This will help protect the resource and keep trails in much better shape for all users. We greatly appreciate Park staff’s willingness to listen to, consider, and ultimately act on the constructive input from trail users. This is a much-needed step to help protect Park resources.” they said via a Facebook post.

Via Lory State Park social media: 

Lory State Park Management will be revising our current trail closure policy. Revisions to the policy will go into effect in October 2019. Under the current policy, during muddy conditions, all trails are closed to mountain bikes and horses but left open to foot traffic (hiking, running, etc.). Under the new policy, valley trails will be closed to all park users, while leaving the mountain trails open for foot traffic only.

The valley trails are prone to excessive damage during wet conditions due to the erosive soils that make up the lower portion of the park. The closures will help protect park resources by reducing the erosion and damage caused by human activity on muddy trails.

The following is a list of trail closures/open trails during muddy conditions:

All access trails to Horsetooth Reservoir will remain open to foot traffic (except Shoreline Trail)

The main park road will remain open during trail closures

Trails that will be closed to all users:
a. East Valley
b. West Valley
c. Timber – between the trail head and the intersection with the Well Gulch Trail
d. Kimmons
e. Shoreline
f. South Valley

Trails that will remain open to foot traffic only:
a. Well Gulch
b. Timber – between Well Gulch and Arthurs Rock
c. Overlook
d. Westridge
e. Arthurs Rock
f. Howard
g. Mill Creek

Please see attached map for detailed closures.

Park staff will post trail closures on a sign along the main park road at the park visitor center, on the park Facebook page, and on NOCO trail report.

If you have questions or comments you can contact the park manager, Roy McBride, at:

Phone: 970-493-1623