NateDawgFirst City Cycling Team member, Nate Taggatz, was hit by a truck Tuesday evening, just 15 minutes before another cyclist was hit and killed on the same road. At roughly 5:45pm, Nate was heading back into Fort Collins on County Road 38E (Harmony Road) just past Horsetooth Mountain Park when he was hit.  The driver of a Ford pickup heading west on 38E attempted to turn left on to Overhill Dr in front of Nate.  Nate, a category 2 road racer, hit the front bumper, breaking his tibia and destroying his Focus road bike.  Thankfully, his only injury was the broken leg. He had little to no road rash.  The driver of the pickup was cited in the accident.  As in the accident minutes later, sun angle is believed to have been a factor.

James Fogelberg of Boulder Colorado was killed 15 minutes later and 8 miles further East on Harmony road in the exact same scenario. IE-a driver turning left in front of a cyclist, blinded by a setting sun.