Over the past 3 weeks, Wednesday Night Worlds has experienced a bit of a resurgence in popularity. We’ve had roughly 40 riders showing up every week.  That’s easily double or even triple the number from earlier in the season.

The safe roads and hard riding have made it a popular ride for over 30 years.  However, changes in the way people train,  the cutthroat reputation of the ride, the direction in which the City has grown and boredom with the route have led to dwindling numbers in recent years.  In order to keep the ride alive, ride leaders have instituted changes that seem to be rebreathing life into the the old classic. 

The first change was the transition into a handicapped ride format. (Read more about handicapped races here). Riders are now separated into 3-4 groups based on their ability and/or current condition. Riders of any age and gender can now take part Worlds. Men, women, young, old, these details make no difference.  You’re placed into a group based on how strong you are.  The respective groups are sent out on course in timed intervals. The slowest rolling out first with the fastest rolling out last.  The first group may leave with a gap of 8 minutes over the next group and a total gap of 15 minutes or more over the last group.   All the groups have the same goals, ride smooth, keep the group as large as possible for as long as possible and get to the finish line ahead of the other groups. 

If you get caught by another group, feel free to work with them, or feel free to let the stronger riders do all the work. If you choose the latter, be prepared for them to try to convince you to pull through. 

The second major change was the addition of a new route.  Some see the Classic course as the perfect route to go out and hammer in a group.  It has relatively low traffic, no stop lights and great road conditions. Others see it as a windy, flat loop that takes you out to Wyoming from which you may or may not return.

The new Owl Canyon, Dirt, Dairy Dams Loop has a little bit of everything without getting too far from town.

You Head North on the Frontage road, West on Owl Canyon,  South on Taft Hill, West on the Cement Plant road.  Just after the cement plant, you head west on CR 56E (dirt road which currently is in great condition), South on CR23E, West on CR 56 until you hit 287 (there’s about 3 miles of good dirt).  Follow 287 on the shoulder until the turning lane opens up and proceed CAREFULLY across the highway onto CR54E (Near the Dairy Farm).  We seriously need to be very careful through this section.  Cars are cruising.  You take CR54E West,  then South on CR25E, East on Risty Canyon Road and South on the Dams Road out of Bellevue. You finish at the tip top of Stadium Hill by the mail boxes (backside of Maniac). Here’s a map


High Points

The group meets at the Mountain Vista and Frontage Road intersection. 

The first group goes off at 530 sharp.  If you’re in that group, get there a few minutes early. 

When we’re you’re waiting to roll out, stay to the RIGHT of the white line.  The traffic on Mountain Vista isn’t super heavy, but we shouldn’t be standing in the middle of the flipping road. 

Don’t get hit by a car, especially on 287.  Wait to merge onto the highway from the shoulder until the turning lane opens up. Then get over and get over fast.  There’s no reason to hang out in the middle of the highway any longer than you need to. 

We’re still working on group timing and group abilities so please bear with us. 

We alternate between the Classic and OCDDD route every other week.  Check the YGR Facebook page to see what route is being used. 

Classic Map