New Bike-Optimized Trail Coming to Lory State Park This Fall…and We Need Your Help Getting it Built! 

Lory SP trails staff and Overland have partnered to create a great new trail design that is optimized for intermediate level riders. All of our local riding areas tend to have either flat & smooth (green) or steep & rocky (black diamond) trails. Other than Blue Sky, options for that in between riding experience are severely lacking. OMBA’s 2019-20 survey results directly align with this as well, with over 80% of respondents saying they would like to see more intermediate level trails.

This new 1.1-mile trail in Lory should hit that mark. While optimized for bikes and focusing on the intermediate level rider, it will still offer a great experience for all skill levels. With a nearly continuous 1/2-mile section of ridgeline riding, natural rock features, expansive views, and a good possibility of future trail & alt line expansion, this area provides a definite step-up from the Valley trails yet isn’t as taxing as climbing Timber, Howard, etc. It also lets trail users experience the lesser used east side of Lory State Park.

But…as said before, this trail ain’t gonna build itself. We need our awesome volunteers to help bring it to life! OMBA will be leading work crews every Tuesday evening starting 8/4 from 5pm until dark until we get it complete, with a target of early October. Work crews will be limited to 10 people for now. The possibility of larger weekend events will be considered in the fall.

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Work on Kimmons Trail Continues w/ Additional Alt Lines

For those riding Kimmons the last few Thursday evenings, you’ve likely seen OMBA work crews making a few additions. Several alt lines/riding features are being added to keep it a local favorite. Likely having the distinction of claiming more flats and busted rims than any other trail in the area, we’ve heard that many riders have started avoiding Kimmons. We’re absolutely not taking out all the rough sections, but we are adding several features to make it a bit more playful.

One section is complete. Another is “complete” but will be adjusted slightly. Another would have been complete yesterday had it not been for the much-needed monsoon rains up there. Two additional features remain.

Volunteers are still needed to get these completed soon! We meet on Thursday evenings at 4pm and work until dusk. And thanks to New Belgium Brewing, we have plenty of cold beverages for when the work is done!

Sign up here for the Kimmons alt line work

Big Thanks to OMBA Trail Agents…You Guys are the Shiznit!!!

OMBA Trail Agents are a small, but fierce, group of not-to-be-messed-with Overland trail volunteers. They’re doing a lot of the dirty work on USFS trails that so often goes completely unnoticed. We all know the one about “when a tree falls in the forest when nobody is around, does it make a sound?” But what about “when a trail falls in the forest and blocks a trail, who clears it for us?” OMBA Trail Agents, that’s who!

These dedicated volunteers head out on local USFS trails on their bikes with heavy packs looking for things to fix. As of July 1, they’ve cleared nearly 150 fallen trees from numerous trails. Take a look at the photos below and think about the effort that goes into clearing that one. Then think about doing that 150 times. Next time you’re out riding and you have a clear, unobstructed ride down Young Gulch, Hewlett Gulch, N. Lone Pine, Killpecker, Dadd Gulch, Mt Margaret and even Grace Creek (how many of you know where that one is???), be sure to think about, thank and tip your local OMBA Trail Agent. Or…maybe just buy ’em a beer.

Dave, Craig, Eric, Doug, Jason…thank you fellas!