The Wolfpack and I were out for a ride at Pineridge the other night when a guy on a SurRon electric motorcycle buzzed us. While super annoying, it didn’t really constitute a call to 911*, if I had the number for Fort Collins Natural Areas Rangers handy, I probably would have made a quick call to report him. Since we were having a great ride and were intentionally focusing on the positives with our young riders, I didn’t want to waste time Googleing FCNA’s number from the trail. This got me thinking about an idea I had for YGR years ago where I compile all the area non-emergency telephone numbers into one place and as a downloadable/uploadable Google Contacts CVS file for easy access.  Those numbers, along with the CVS file/import instructions and links to the Fort Collins Access App and North Front Range Bike & Ped Safety Reporter, are below.

*We didn’t learn until after the ride that the motorcyclist actually made contact with one of our riders. Had we known that at the time, we definitely would have called 911.

911 (quick, what’s the number for 911??) 911 This is obviously your first choice in case of an emergency.
Colorado State Patrol *CSP Use for aggressive driver reporting as they keep track of reports and take action if numerous for a given vehicle/individual.
Fort Collins Police non-emergency (970) 419-3273
Loveland Police non-emergency (970) 667-2151
Larimer County Sheriff non-emergency (970) 498-5100
Weld County Sheriff non-emergency (970) 350-9600
Larimer County Rangers Office- Carter Lake (970) 619-4453 Will likely go to voicemail but will be followed up on.
Larimer County Rangers Office- Horsetooth (970) 498-5614 Will likely go to voicemail but will be followed up on.
Fort Collins Natural Areas Rangers (970) 416-2147
Lory State Park (Office) ​(970) 493-1623
Larimer Humane Society (970) 226-3647

Download CVS File For Google Contacts

Here’s how to import these contacts into your Google Contacts.

  • Download the CVS file
  • Go to Google Contacts
  • Click “create contact” on the left side of your screen.
  • Click “create multiple contacts”
  • Select “Have a CSV or vCard file? Import contacts instead.”
  • Click “Select File”
  • Find the “NoCo Phone Contacts” file on your computer.
  •  Click “Import” and Bob’s your uncle, you’re all done.

Access Fort Collins App

This app is great for reporting bike safety issues, blocked bike lanes, potholes, snow/ice, broken traffic control devices, broken signage, and infrastructure concerns, etc… in Fort Collins.  I’ve used it a fair amount and have been impressed by the response. 

North Front Range Bike & Ped Safety Reporter

Use this site to report bike and pedestrian safety issues in all of Northern Colorado.  Any items reported are sent from North Front Range Metropolitan Planning Organization (NFRMPO) to city staff. This covers:

• Berthoud
• Eaton
• Evans
• Fort Collins
• LaSalle
• Loveland
• Milliken
• Severance
• Timnath
• Weld County
• Windsor

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