YGRStampLogo Black 1000As the Fort Collins Cycling Community continues to grow and as traffic on local roads increases with the population, it is important to remind people what is expected of them on group rides.  The following rules are intended to keep everyone safe, ensure the health and future of the local rides and encourage new riders to attend.  It is the responsibility of everyone on these rides to make sure other riders are abiding by these rules. Fort Collins has a long history of epic training rides, lets insure that they are safe and that future riders have opportunities to attend them.  

I also encourage everyone to be vocal about following these rules.  It is your responsibility to make sure everyone is riding in a safe manner that projects the best possible image of cyclists. 


Group Rides Code of Conduct. 

  • Do not cross the center line under any circumstances. If you and/or other riders are on/or over the yellow line, start a second echelon immediately.
  • The entire group should ride as far to the right, using as much of the shoulder, as is considered safe.
  • Riders at the back must make the group aware of approaching cars (“car back”). When riders hear that signal they need to single-up or double-up as quickly as possible. It is reasonable to stay doubled-up if the car can pass safely.
  • Riders at the front need to make riders aware of oncoming cars (“car up”), oncoming runners (“runner up”), and slower riders being overtaken.
  • Riders at the front need to call out significant hazards on the road both verbally and by pointing.
  • The first riders through an intersection must make sure it is clear for the entire group to proceed through or stop. “Clear” or “stopping”.
  • The first riders turning across a traffic lane must make sure it is safe for the entire group to make it across or wait.
  • Consider whether the location of your attack will encourage riders to put themselves in harm’s way (busy highways, over blind hills, controlled intersections, blind curves…). It is never acceptable to attack over the center line or on a busy highway.
  • Do not leave trash of any kind along the route or at the start/finish. Pack out peels, wrappers, and tubes.
  • Whether it be in person or via social media (in person is better), keep complaints about riders/rides constructive.
  • Be supportive of new riders and don’t get your feelings hurt if someone offers you some tips.
  • If a separation happens for any reason not related to the actual ride, (stop lights, stop sign or roundabout) it is common practice to allow the chase group to reestablish the gap before proceeding. Leaders staying on the gas in these circumstances encourages riders to take unnecessary risks.  The same applies if a breakaway is delayed. 
  • For obvious reasons, no riding in aerobars or using earbuds. 


No matter how competitive a group ride may be, remember it is just that a group ride and there is never an excuse to put another rider at risk of injury. We ride on open roads and mistakes can lead to life changing injuries or even death. The only way to keep group rides safe and not have conflict with motorist is for the group to police itself. When you join a ride you are signing an unwritten agreement to ride in a safe manner. If you cannot accept the responsibility to help keep other riders safe do not join a group ride. Being part of a group ride is a privilege and comes with responsibilities. The safety and image of the ride and the entire cycling community falls on YOU when you attend these rides.


These rules were developed by local ride leaders, and experienced Fort Collins racers.   

This is not YGR telling you how to ride, this is the Fort Collins Cycling Community coming together saying what needs to be said.