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On behalf of the Colorado Department Of Revenue, Dickensheet & Associates will be auctioning off all property that remained inside Peloton Cycles after it was seized by the state on Jully 9th. Those items include personal property, furniture, fixtures, equipment and inventory.

Peloton was shuttered on July 9th for not paying nearly $36,000 in taxes. They had 10 days to come into compliance but that window came and went.

Auction Details: 

Date: Monday, August 5th – 10:00 AM
Inspection: Monday, August 5th – 9:00 AM

Location: 1981 Jessup Drive, Ft Collins, CO 80525
Description: INSPECTION: Monday, August 5th 9AM-10AM Please be prepared for removal immediately following the auction. All items will be offered in bulk, then piecemeal & awarded in the highest manner. Please continue to visit website due to possible cancellation. 

Auction Website:

Lot     Description
9121 Riding Helmets
927 Riding Helmets
93Giro Shoes 21 Pairs
94Scott Bike Shoes 17 Pairs Includes 16 Assorted Pairs
95Bike Accessories Fenders, Rear Racks, Helmet Mirrors, Locks
96Bike Accessories Keo Grips, X-Track Race Pedals, Socks
97Bike Accessories Rechargeable Lights Co2 Cartridges, Tire Pumps
98Accessories Water Holders, Hydration Mix, Energy Bars, Camelback 
99Bike Accessories Seats, Neck Extensions, Gloves
100Women’S Bike Clothing Shirts, Pants
190Bike Clothing Shorts, Knee Pads, Shirts
191Thule 2 Bike Carrier Receiver Style
192Thule Single Bike Carrier Receiver Style
193Thule 3 Bike Carrier Receiver Style
194Thule 3 Bike Carrier Receiver Style
195Thule 3 Bike Carrier Receiver Style
196Thule 2 Bike Carrier,Recevier Style 
197Thule Gateway 3 Rear Mounted Bike Rack
198Bike Backlights, Luxe Bike Bell, Tire Tools
199Samsung Flat Screen Tv
200Raceface Tailgate Pad
201Evo Action 8 Speed Bike
202Evo Action 8 Speed Bike
203Evo Action Urban Bike
204Hatchet Sora Xl Bike
205Scott Addict 30 Disc Bike
206Specialized Sirrus Bike
207Specialized Sirrus Bike
208Trek Navigator 100 Bike
209Fuji Finest Le Bike
210Evo Swift Ridge Bike
211Evo Swift Ridge Bike
212Evo Grand Rapid Bike
213Evo Grand Rapid Bike
214Orbea Onix Bike
215Evo Grand Rapid 3 Bike
216Evo Grand Rapid 3 Bike
217Evo Grand Rapid 3 Bike
218Evo Grand Rapid 3 Bike
219Evo Grand Rapid 3 Bike
220Evo Grand Rapid 5 Bike
221Kids Bike
222Blue Batch Kids Bike
223Red Kids Bike
224Blue Batch Kids Bike
225Blue Batch Kids Bike
226Red Kids Bike
227Batch Ignite Kids Bike
228Blue Batch Kids Bike
229Evo Rock Ridge 20″ Kids Bike
230Red 20″ Kids Bike
231Blue Batch Kids Bike
232Bach Pitch Black Kids Bike
233Evo Rock Ridge 20″ Kids Bike
234Evo Rock Ridge 20″ Kids Bike
235Batch 16″ Kids Bike
236Evo Rock Ridge 16″ Kids Bike
237Evo Rock Ridge 16″ Kids Bike
238Blue Batch 12″ Kids Bike
239Contessa Jr 12″ Kids Bike
240Batch Rd Kids Bike
241Batch 16″ Kids Bike
242Batch Balance 10″ Kids Bike
243Batch Balance 10″ Kids Bike
244Fiteroy E Bike
245Evo Granville City Bike
246Colorado Men’S Cruiser Bike
247Benno Ballooner 24D Men’S Bike
248Colorado Men’S Cruiser Bike
249Colorado Summer Cruiser Bike
250Davinci Fat Minus Altus Md
251Davinci Fat Minus Altus Md
252Trek 4500 Bike
253Scott Seale Bike
254Evo Stone Ridge Bike
255Evo Stone Ridge Bike
256Starboard Inflatable Stand up Paddle Board
257Starboard Inflatable Stand up Paddle Board
258Craftsman Tool Box Includes Tools
259Cycle Ops  Indoor Riding Fixture Includes Platform 
260Craftsman Tool Box Includes Tools
261Warehouse Step Ladder 5′
262Rolling Bike Stand
2633 Tier Bike Display 
2643 Tier Bike Display 
2653 Tier Bike Display 
2663 Tier Bike Display 
2672 Bike Display Stands
268Barn Wood Bike Display 
269Bike Posters
270Clothing Display 
271Stages Cycling Stationary Bike
272Garmin GPS, Includes Mounting Fixtures 
273Glass Display Case 
274Counter Top Popcorn Maker
275Assorted Sun Glasses
276Cycling Clothing 
277Cycle Ops  Indoor Riding Fixture 
278Cycle Ops  Indoor Riding Fixture 
279Cycle Ops  Indoor Riding Fixture 
280Cycle Ops  Indoor Riding Fixture 
281Cycle Ops  Indoor Riding Fixture 
282Assorted Hardware & Clothing 
283Leatherette Chairs & Snuggle Couch 
284Keurig Coffee Maker
2853 Racks Includes Tires
286Tubes, Includes Tire Pumps
287Parts, Additives Lights
288Glass Display Case 
289Husky Rolling Tool Box Includes Tools
290Husky Rolling Tool Box Includes Tools
291Dell Computer Includes Monitor, Keyboard Mouse, Receipt Printer
292Hp Computer Includes Monitor, Keyboard Mouse, Receipt Printer
293Work Table 53″ X 30″
294Park Tool Prs-3 Os 2 Station Bike Work Station
295Park Tool Prs-3 Os 2 Station Bike Work Station
296Wall Display Includes Grips, Tires, Cable
297Park Tool TS 2.2 Wheel Truing Station
298Park Tool TS 2.2 Wheel Truing Station
299Work Table 53″ X 30″
300Bench & Foot Stools
3013 Racks Includes Tires
302Westinghouse Flat Screen Tv
303Westinghouse Flat Screen Tv
304Front Spoked Wheels
305Schwinn Kids Bike
306Air Hose Reel
307Crown 4300 Drive Core, Juice Goose Power Distribution 
3084 Wheel Dollies, Paint ,Fan
309Wall Mounted Rack Includes Plastic Bins & Parts
310Cleaning Rags Includes Bins
311Ryobi Drill, Saw, 2 Batteries No Charger, Craftsmen Drill Battery, No Charger 
312Dremel, Heat Gun
313Dewalt 20 V Screw Gun, No Charger, Sawzall, Assorted Tools
314Work Table 53″ X 30″
315Park Tool Prs-3 Os 2 Station Bike Work Station
316Park Tool Prs-3 Os 2 Station Bike Work Station
317Husky Rolling Tool Box Includes Tools
318Hp Computer Includes Monitor, Keyboard Mouse, Receipt Printer
319Wall Clock
320Bal Bearing Grip Latch Tool Box Includes Tools
321Park Tool TS 2.2 Wheel Truing Station
322Bike Tools
323Assorted Spokes
324Ladder Bike Racks
325Display Includes 2 Canapés 
3263 Stools
327Assorted Tools
328Transition Seat Post Fit Kit (2) Incomplete 
329Fit Integration Technology (2) Incomplete, Body Geometry Fit
330Craftsman Tool Box Includes Tools
331Craftsman 175 Psi, 2.9 Hp Compressor 
332Westward Parts Washer
333Remaining In Closet, Oil, Tools
334Assorted Front Rims
335Srsunitour Frame
336Raleigh Tactic Bike
337Cruiser Bike
338Rl Bike
339Research Dynamics Bike
340Race Face Tailgate Pad
341Thule T2 Classic Bike Rack
342Thule T2 Classic Bike Rack
433Cycle Ops  Indoor Riding Fixture 
344Cycle Ops  Indoor Riding Fixture 
345Thule 3 Gatemate Bike Rack
346Thule 4 Gatemate Biker Rack
347Thule Bike Rack
348Thule Helium Pro Bike Rack
349Thule Ride On Adapters
350Evo Rock Ridge 24Black
351Thule Load Bars
352Bike Luggage Racks & Locks
353Shelving Includes Inventory Tubes, Valves
354Park Tool TS 2.2 Wheel Truing Station (2)
355Lot Of Tubes
357Work Table 48″ X 30″
3583 Folding Tables 
359Desk, 2 Office Chairs 
360Dell Computer2Monitors
361Samsung Flat Screen TV
362Bmc Bike
3632 Persons Bike
364Evo Red Kids Bike
365Batch Black Kids Bike
366Scott Bike
367Specialized Bike
368Scott Bike
369Kona Bike
370Specialized Bike
371Bike Parts
372Neon Sign
373Batch Black Kids Bike
374Shelving Includes Inventory Gears, Chain
375Shelving Includes Brake Cable, Gears
376Wall Display Includes Brakes, Rims, Gears
377Craftsman 6″ Bench Grinder, Includes Welton 5″ Vice
378Shelving Includes Parts
379Trash Cans And Brooms
3815 Station Bike Rack
3822 Whiskey Barrels 
383Antique Plow, Strand
384Rebar Bike Rack
385Rebar Bike Rack
3866 Station Bike Rack
3874 Station Bike Rack
388Expert BBQ Grill
389Compact Laptop, Vostro Laptop, No Power Supplies
390Nec Phone System
391Desk , Chair, File Cabinets Side Chairs
392Shelves & Supplies 
393Break Room Furniture 
394Office Desk, Chairs, 4 Drawer File
395Dell Computer, Acer Monitor
396Dell Computer2Monitors
397Dell Printer
398Comb Bind, 2 Label Makers
399Bike Rack, 
400Chairs, Heater