ProVelo Bicycles has settled into its new location at the corner of Horsetooth and Shields. The former McCoy’s Morning Glory location provides Greg Thornton and his staff of six (and hiring) with 4500sf of room to spread out. The space includes a commercial kitchen that Thornton is considering turning into a commissary for food trucks and an additional 1500sf that he’d like to rent out to a coffee shop or similar business (since the shop is about 1/4 mile from YGR HQ, I fully endorse the idea of a coffee shop or brewery. We could really use either one in the area). According to Thornton, the only real downfall to the new space is that they no longer share a wall with Zwei Brewing Co. which plans to expand into the old proVelo space.  The benefits include much more parking, a better area for test rides, proximity to singletrack (1.5 miles away), a more centralized location, building layout, and building architecture.

Thornton originally opened proVelo in April of 2010 in a 3500sf space on the College Ave side of the Foothills Mall. He remained at that location for 3 and half years before moving to the 4000sf space at College and Harmony where they operated for 8 and half years.  He sold his share of that location and closed on 1003 West Horsetooth Road in August of 2021. They officially opened their doors at the Horsetooth location on May 5th, 2022. His lineup has grown to include some of the best brands in the business with Giant, LIV, Santa Cruz, Ibis, Yeti, and Specialized.

As of 05/24/2022, proVelo Bicycles is hiring mechanics and salespeople.

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