police lights Near the end Saturday ride that leaves from ProVelo a road rage incident occurred that involved a handgun. 

As riders had began regrouping on the shoulder of Bingham Hill Rd at the intersection of Overland Trail a silver Cadillac approached from behind and stopped at the stop sign very close to them.  A third rider rolled up and tapped the side of the car as it was pulling away and thanked the rider for almost running him off the road.  The driver then put the vehicle in reverse and sped backwards towards the riders. After the vehicle came to a stop, the driver got out screaming at the rider that tapped his car, as that rider was getting his phone out to video the incident, the driver took a swing at either the phone or the rider.  At that time, another rider placed the driver in a loose headlock trying to subdue and calm him down.  The driver freed himself and began swinging and kicking at the rider.  The rider landed 2-3 hits to the drivers head and face knocking him to the ground and splitting open his head.  As the driver got up, a revolver was spotted on the ground, the rider picked the gun up and threw it across the road to keep the growing number of riders and witnesses safe.  The gun was secured by passersby and the driver was kept from obtaining it.  He ultimately returned to his car to tend to his wounds and wait for authorities to arrive. 

The Larimer County Sheriff’s deputies arrived on the scene but decided not to press multiple charges on the driver because “he already got his ass kicked”. 

The driver allegedly has a concealed weapons permit.